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Friday, May 1, 2015

New screenshots from ProD&D 2.0!

ProD&D Update Log for Android

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  1. Aug 29th, 2018, v2.5.50:
    1. Added seed, load from seed and share seed functionalities. You can now share and load a special piece of text which holds the type and parameters of your generation.
    2. Fixed a bug where taking a print would crash the app. (This crash happened because the software gave an error when there was no background was assigned in the app.)
    3. Moved the load map options into a LOAD menu drop down.
  2. Jul, 23rd, 2018, v2.5.49:
    1. Fixed a bug that was displaying props duplicated in the list.
    2. Added a feature that helps sort props.
    3. Added scalable drag and drop rectangular and circular painting tools.
  3. Jul. 4th, 2018, v2.5.48:
    1. Added bucket tool to edit functionality.
  4. Mar. 26th, 2018, v2.5.46:
    1. Fixed various bugs surrounding the QR scanning and reddit login.
  5. Mar. 9th, 2018, v2.5.45:
    1. Added a new generator: Forest Generator.
  6. Jan. 8th, 2018, v2.5.43:
    1. Fixed a bug with the Share button.
    2. Fixed a bug with the Show button after printing the map.
    3. Fixed various other bugs surrounding the printing functionality.
  7. Dec. 25th, 2017, v2.5.41:
    1. Fixed various bugs relating to the store.
  8. Nov. 3rd, 2017, v2.5.36:
    1. Fixed an issue where the submit button wasn’t sharing the map properly any longer due to errors.
    2. Fixed an issue where the device camera was stuck on the same Map QR, incapable of scanning new Map QR’s after having scanned one.
    3. Refactored all sharing related codes and cleaned up the codebase. This helps us spot and fix bugs faster and bring features without breaking functionality.
    4. Added new error and exception managing systems which help both developers and users see detailed reports. If your analytics settings are turned on we will get automatic reports of these issues which in turn helps us fix things faster.
    5. Improved the Stick Biome Generator with new parameters and fixed parameters that didn't scale correctly to the size of the map. We highly urge you visit this generator again as it has improved tremendously.
    6. Sending feedback e-mails through our app now includes the build’s version number and the platfrom its being sent from. These are vital information we need when we receive bug reports from you.
  9. Oct. 25th, 2017, v2.5.34:
    1. Fixed a bug that failed to unlock Starter Set.
    2. Fixed a bug where a duplicate file was created for the store credentials.
    3. Fixed a bug where the Round Room Generator had a broken connection algorithm.
    4. Fixed the bug where navigation to a store item on the store panel by clicking on a locked item was not storing the currently selected item.
    5. Fixed the bug where pop-up windows were raising the previously displayed pop-up window’s button event.
    6. Removed the Restore Purchases button. Purchases will restore properly by themselves from now on.
    7. Improved the Rocky Hill Generator with new parameters and fixed parameters that didn't scale correctly to the size of the map.
    8. Updated the engine to the latest version: Unity v2017.2
    9. Added a tool for developers that allows them to toggle generators’ generation speed and frames.
  10. Oct. 2nd, 2017, v2.5.29:
    1. Added line, triangle and spray drawing tools.
    2. Fixed a bug where accessing the store in offline mode was causing the app to crash.
    3. Implemented store persistence logic.
    4. Fixed an issue where the non-encrypted store history file was not deleted.
    5. Updated analytics. Analytics now will work if users approve it. It wasn’t working before.
    6. Dialogue text typos fixed.
    7. Updated various UI panels.
    8. Changed the splash screen.
  11. May. 1st, 2017, v2.5.10:
    1. Store label is now highlighted.
    2. Added a new purchase option that unlocks everything at a single price.
    3. Removed bundles that were out of date.
  12. Feb. 8th, 2017, v2.5.4:
    1. Updated printing functionality to include props as well.
  13. Feb. 8th, 2017, v2.5.3:
    1. Fixed a bug where tapping on the map name didn’t work.
  14. Jan. 27th, 2017, v2.5.2:
    1. Added drag and droppable props that help you furnish your map further.
    2. Fixed various bugs.
  15. Jan 11th, 2017, v2.4.12:
    1. Hotfixed an issue with pro version of the print.
  16. Dec. 30th, 2016, v2.4.10:
    1. Added new features that allow you to print with better resolution on multiple sheets of paper.
  17. Jul. 25th, 2016, v2.4.8:
    1. Added Sewers Generator.
    2. Modified the UI to accommodate the advanced print functionality.
  18. Jul. 18th, 2016, v2.4.7:
    1. Fixed a bug where tapping on an iap opened the store with an incorrect price tag.
    2. Added “Broguelike Generator.” This generator was inspired by one of our favorite games, Brogue. 
  19. Jul. 5th, 2016, v2.4.6:
    1. Added a creature simulator that allows you to summon creatures onto your map.
    2. Tweaked the noise on Black Chasm & Castle generators and added new parameters to these generators.
  20. Jun. 13th, 2016, v2.4.5:
    1. Added a handle to the event buttons that allow you to reorder them.
    2. Ensured events being consecutive.
    3. Added an event glow that automatically works when an event is selected.
  21. May. 30th, 2016, v2.4.4:
    1. Made some changes to the UI of various lists to create some more screen space
    2. Made some changes to Stick Biome Generator
  22. May. 23rd, 2016, v2.4.3:
    1. Added Redo feature to paint mode
  23. May. 17th, 2016, v2.4.2:
    1. Added Undo feature to paint mode
  24. May. 4th, 2016, v2.4.1:
    1. Overhauled the store.
    2. Added a number of new backgrounds.
    3. Restored the Alternate Dungeon Generator as part of the Basic Generators Pack and made it work better.
    4. Created foundations for an interesting feature that will likely be included in the next update. (SECRET! :P)
  25. Mar. 9th, 2016, v2.4
    1. Added the editor mode. Now you can paint tiles!
    2. Added 13 new icons to go with your events.
    3. Added a safeguard for saving/loading/printing empty maps.
    4. Added comments and cleaned the code.
    5. Revamped tiles conceptually in preparation for editor mode and more easily expandable tile sets
    6. Updated our tileset editor to support orientations, weights and editing.
    7. Changed how themes are selected because the old way caused a bug in edit mode
    8. Fixed various bugs:
      1. FAQ page was incorrectly titled as READ ME.
      2. Store description for the generator starter pack was incorrect.
      3. The “show map generation in steps” setting didn't work.
      4. Reddit access token was being handled incorrectly.
      5. Some window layers clashed within the UI.
      6. Reddit captcha wasn’t displaying right.
      7. And more...
  26. Jan. 5th, 2016, v2.3.3:
    1. Fixed sharing signature issue that makes shared maps unloadable.
  27. Dec. 18th, 2015, v2.3.2
    1. Activated Christmas sale. 50% off on all items in the dungeon store until end of January 1st, 2016.
    2. Added an event library. This allows you to save/load your most frequently used events.
    3. Added map sharing. This allows users to post and share their maps on the r/ProDnDMaps.
    4. Added qr loading. This allows users to scan shared public maps from r/ProDnDMaps and load them into their device.
    5. Added map browsing. This opens a in-app-browser that lets you load public maps from r/ProDnDMaps with a direct link.
    6. Modified URL buttons to open the in-app-browser for ease of access.
    7. Added parameter sliders with string values.
    8. Added a settings menu button and window that let's you modify the app preferences.
    9. Fixed the Unity Analytics.
    10. Improved the popup window system.
    11. Added a flexible full-screen window system.
    12. Fixed a compatibility issue with the save files.
    13. Added a message board that displays news and welcome messages from the developers.
    14. Fixed the rate us dialog.
    15. Made it easier to tap on event tacks.
    16. Fixed a rare issue where the map fails to generate if it tries to render tiles that shouldn't be present on the map.
    17. Modified XML saving to use %-escaped characters, this should ensure that all save files are encoded correctly, this should not affect backwards compatibility.
    18. Modified some existing icons and terminology for ease of usability.
    19. Added a system that lets the developers prepare and activate various events.
  28. Nov. 5th, 2015, v2.3.1
    1. Added a new generator, Black Chasm.
    2. Added a new background, Black Rocks.
    3. Fixed a situation where background wasn't set in start and didn't save.
  29. Oct. 19th, 2015, v2.3
    1. HOTFIX: Fixed the rate us dialogue window not appearing.
    2. Raised the map size cap for generators from 101 to 256.
    3. Tapping on the map name now opens a window where you can add a description to your map.
    4. Added a generation in progress’ message. Now you can watch maps as they’re being generated!
    5. Tapping on the event tacks now opens the edit window..
    6. Tapping on the parameter slider now instantly changes that parameter’s values.
    7. Added a ‘reset to default values’ button for all generators’ parameters.
    8. Added two new backgrounds:
      1. Tundra
      2. Coastline
    9. Added two new tilesets.
      1. Mosaic - Snow
      2. Symbol - Snow
    10. Modified and improved all of the generators and their parameters.
      1. Added walkways to castle generator.
      2. Added a margin parameter to the castle/tower generators.
      3. Added connection parameter to stick dungeons.
      4. Added stick size parameters to stick biome and stick dungeons.
      5. Added a thickness parameter to connection tunnels in cavern.
      6. Added round rooms to dwarf town generator.
      7. Removed cluttered parameters from cathedral generator.
      8. Converted the room frequency parameter to room density. Now rooms are placed dependent on the size of the map.
      9. Added/Improved/Modified more parameters in various generators.
    11. Generator engine has gone through major overhaul.
      1. Fixed a bug where generic parameters (map size and border) would carry over between generators under certain conditions.
      2. Adding/Modifying generators is now much faster and easier for us, so expect new generators to be coming much more frequently.
      3. You can now see the generation in steps as it’s happening, these steps are more-or-less time based so you should be seeing a preview of the map roughly every second.
      4. Improved all generator speeds drastically by updating the codebase.
    12. Save and Load system was improved.
      1. Maps are saved in XML format to allow compatibility with future sharing features.
      2. All old save files will be automatically converted to the XML format when the loading tab is opened. (This may cause a significant lag the first time you open the load map screen depending on how many save files you have.)
      3. The selected background is now saved with the map.
    13. Added pathfinding as a way to connect rooms. This fixed the artificial cavern connections and made them look organic.
    14. Added diagonal corridors to the regular corridor connections in some generators.
    15. Added perlin noise to castle generator for organic shapes.
    16. Disabled analytics for this build while we work on more important features as it broke for unity 5.2.
    17. Added ‘libnoise’ as a library for use in future generators.
    18. Tweaked many default values for all generators.
    19. Pinching/Zooming is more accurate now as it now zooms on the central point of the pinch rather than the center of the screen.
    20. Added a ‘loading in progress’ message.
    21. Fixed a bug where the map could appear to disappear when the map was zoomed out a lot.
    22. Duplicating events now adds a postfix to the duplicated event name for unique naming.
    23. Changed the starting background.
    24. Fixed a bug where you were unable to place events on the map in certain conditions
    25. Updated Unity to 5.2
    26. Added ‘Hodor’ to the random name generation.
  30. Aug. 19th, 2015, v2.2.1:
    1. Hotfix: Removed the READ_PHONE_STATE permission by editing the manifest manually after building the .apk.
  31. Aug. 18th, 2015, v2.2:
    1. Modified/Removed existing themes. Added new themes.
    2. Added a new generator: Keep Generator.
    3. Upgraded existing generator: Castle Generator.
    4. Fixed the issue where tiles were displaying tears.
    5. Improved generator algorithms and the generation speed.
    6. Raised the max cap for the map size up to 127 by 127.
    7. Rebuilt map display code which led to faster map interaction.
    8. Added a privacy policy and opt-in analytics collection.
    9. Added new toolset to allow developers to add and modify themes efficiently.
    10. Added a "Rate us" prompt.
    11. Added a link to the r/prodnd Reddit community.
    12. Changed Store button visuals.
    13. Cleaned up a bunch of old graphical assets to reduce file size.
    14. Modified print functionality for improved stability and speed.
    15. Cleaned up generator buttons to be more consistent.
    16. Added new backgrounds.
    17. Updated store graphics and descriptions.
    18. Updated logo.
    19. Loading is now backwards compatible with all versions.
    20. Renamed some of the "U Corrider Fix" parameters to "Simplify Corridors" as they sound more user-friendly.
    21. Updated some of the default parameters.
    22. Due to upgrading the Unity version the app now asks for permission READ_PHONE_STATE. We are NOT using this. It's a bug in the 5.1 release of Unity and will disappear in a future version.
  32. June 19th, 2015, v2.1.2:
    1. Added a purchasable cathedral generator.
    2. Fixed various bugs and tweaked a few things.
  33. June 2nd, 2015, v2.1.1:
    1. Added name generator as a purchasable item.
  34. May 27th, 2015, v2.1.0:
    1. Dungeon store has had a rework to be more obvious, including screenshots of the features you're buying
    2. Print functionality
    3. Notification popup is now able to show multiple, consecutive messages (tapping on the notification clears the queue)
    4. Notification popup for print functionality will open the saved image on tap
    5. Added "Expand map" button to allow you to both center the map, and make it fit inside the screen
    6. New backgrounds
    7. Big code cleanup overhaul
    8. Generate button is now locked while a map is generating to prevent them from queueing up when the generate button is tapped multiple times
    9. Tapping a locked button now opens the Dungeon Store
    10. Splash screen now has a loading bar
    11. Fixed a bug that could cause two event colors to be selected at the same time in the Event editor
    12. Update log button in the app now points to this page
    13. Event needles now show the color of the event in the list (rather than just a white icon)
    14. Added a Feedback button so you can get in touch with us directly via the app
    15. Added an exit button
    16. Fixed several depth issues which would cause parts of the GUI to disappear under specific conditions
    17. The app now no longer restarts when it is minimized, so you don't have to worry about your map disappearing when leaving the app
    18. Fixed a bug where, if you created events, deleted some, added more, and then saved the map, the resulting file would not load correctly
    19. Notification popup should now show up in front of all other UI elements at all times
    20. ProD logo background was changed to look nicer with the main toolbar open
    21. Fixed the castle generator being selected on startup
    22. Possibly fixed a bug where UnityAndroidProxyPlayer would fail to load, causing a crash (Please let us know if there are issues with this)
  35. May 1st, 2015, v2.0.3:
    1. Fixed sharing functionality
    2. Fixed various other minor bugs
  36. May 1st, 2015, v2.0.2:
    1. Fixed a bug where dungeon store crashed. 
    2. Fixed a bug with restoring purchases
    3. Added feedback messages for purchases completion - cancellation and restoration. 
  37. Apr. 30th, 2015, v2.0.1: 
    1. Fixed a bug where dungeon store items appeared inoperable. 
  38. Apr. 30th,  2015, v2.0:
    1. Major GUI overhaul. 
    2. Events are added. 
    3. Map save file preview is removed as it was causing lags. 
    4. Added a new generator: Castle Generator 
    5. Added new themes: Mosai Themes 
    6. Added/Removed/Modified multiple generators. 
    7. Fixed unresponsive parameters. 
    8. Added center map functionality 
    9. Added dungeon store. 
    10. Added backgrounds and background selection toolbar. 
    11. Fixed multiple bugs.