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Friday, October 24, 2014

Announcement: ProDnD WoI Edition is public!

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Friday, September 19, 2014


  1. What is ProD&D? 
    • It is an app for the dungeon master who needs to generate creative dungeons and countless other procedural random terrains at the touch of a finger! 
  2. Where can I get this app? 
  3. Do you have any trailers or tutorials I can watch?
    • Yes and you can watch them at the Gray Lake Studios' Youtube channel here.
  4. What does the name stand for? 
    • ProD&D stands for Pro-D, an asset library we created in Unity. The '&D' stands for 'and Dungeons', which just really sounded cool to us for obvious reasons. 
  5. Which setting does ProD&D support? 
    • ProD&D is a flexible tool and does NOT limit your creations to a fantasy setting. The app works with any square grid based rulesets including Pathfinder and d&d. You can plug any setting you'd like to play as your imagination is the limit here... 
  6. What is a procedural dungeon? 
    • A procedural map is a randomly generated environment that looks different every time you click the “generate” button. No two procedural dungeons are alike in ProD&D. 
  7. Why is it important to have ProD&D for a Dungeon Master? 
    • In most sessions I played in I tried to have an open and story oriented world by setting up an improvised world. One bottle neck of this approach is to have players wait when I need to draw up a dungeon on the go. With randomly generated dungeons I can come up with a map without effort, pepper it with extra stuff as my creativity allows, so players do not lose focus. Alternatively, if you are preparing for a campaign you may save time or even draw inspiration with a couple procedural dungeons that might jolt your creativity. You can save your map as an image and use it for the upcoming or current game to your heart’s content. Last but not least, I like to create dungeons and look at them just for the fun value, and come up with impromptu tiny stories while I wait in a queue, or on public transport, or on the ceramic bowl. So there you have it! (Disclaimer: Sitting too long on the toilet seat may be harmful to your health.) 
  8. What kinds of dungeons can I generate with ProD&D? 
    • You can generate a number of different environment types some of which are dungeons, caverns, mazes, and ruins. There are also several experimental maps such as dwarf villages, round rooms and stick dungeons. We are expanding the list as we go along and love coming up up with new generation algorithms. Tunc's favorite is the Sewers Generator. A perfect for your stinky adventures!
  9. Are there monster, trap, treasure or loot generation in the app? 
    • The app provides functionality that lets you place highly customizable event tokens on your map. Events can range from traps to treasures to monsters to anything you can imagine of. The events have an icon type, an icon color, a title text and a description text as their customizable elements. You can also utilize a variety of pre-made props such as chairs, tables and chests and place these to enrichen your maps.
  10. Can you paint and edit the maps you make?
    • Yes. We've implemented an editor that allows you to paint tiles. You can edit everything you see on your map. You can place and remove doors, draw secret corridors, paint lakes and mountains. You can Bob Ross it out and modify your map to fit your imagination.
  11. What about fog of war? 
    • Fog of war is also a functionality we are still working to implement and we plan to make it available to our users in future updates. Currently the development build works as follows: Users tap anywhere visible on the map to move a user controlled peon to where their finger tip is and this reveals the area of the map visible at that location. We have some more crazy ideas about the variety of algorithms too, but they are marked as future plans. 
  12. I'd like to write about your app and require some press material. Do you have a package to accommodate bloggers, vlogger, streamers, journalists or other types of press?
    • Yes, we do! You can access the presskit through this link. You can find videos, pictures and other press material you may need at the link above.
  13. I have things to say about your ProD&D, how can I reach you?