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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dev Update: HD Print, Props, Critters & More

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since we updated the blog.

Since we are back on track with ProDnD we thought it would be best to start things up with an update.

Right to the news then:


We have released a HD print feature as a in-app purchasable. Admittedly it has some broken bits on which we are currently working. The fun part is that even though by mistake we made it unlocked by default we saw a lot of people actually purchased the iap. An interesting effect surely. We fixed the mishap swiftly and everything is back to normal.

HD print essentially lets you print your dungeon on multiple sheets of paper, defined by the user. It even tells you is square meters how big a room you need to display that many papers at once.


We are on the verge of releasing the PROPS. Objects that you can add on the map. Chairs, tables, chests, and such. It functions just like events and in the future we hope it will be a part of the CRITTERS feature where our little goblins and cockroaches open and close chests, camp near beds, deposit loot in chest rooms. 


This is the next step we are aiming for. A proper tiling method and adjunct PAINT capabilities which also encompass DECALS as in painting on blood stains, carpeting, mud, moss, all that variety. This may take some time as the list is backed up significantly already.


We irrevocably reduced our prices by nearly 30% to make ProDnD more available. What will happen next Xmas time I do not know. 


I so want to make more critters for the dungeons. Unfortunately it will have to wait a while, at least until we get a bit more help with the programming. 


A big usability issue that we are aware of is the fact that all our corridors are one tile wide. This is being fixed, but will take a bit more time.

Hopefully we will get all of these in the field sooner than we hope. Much thanks to all our supporters. See you next time on the devblog.