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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Making Maps & Bitcoin Donations


We are making progress, and some maps in the process as well. Here's what it looks like.

We are also opening up a Bitcoin address and are currently accepting all of your Donations to further this project. Hopefully we will come up with a more decent plan to accept bitcoin apart from donations. For all BTC donations above 0.01 BTC Please send us a message with the amount of bitcoin you have sent and the address you have sent it from and we will make a thank you map for you. (


Have a good one,

Erhan Turel

Monday, November 6, 2017

Improved Generators & Fixed Share Bug - Android v2.5.36 & iOS v2.5.36

Here we are again with another update release! This time we're releasing the v2.5.36 for both Android & iOS. (Disclaimer: iOS build usually arrives a bit later. Thank you for your patience.)

Just to give you the headlines: We fixed some bugs that had to do with Share functionality that helps you share maps on our subreddit r/ProDnDMaps. While that happened Eylul brought some amazing improvements on the Stick Biome Generator. There's a .gif below and you can see a more detailed post about how she did it all at her blog.

Check out all three different types of sticks!
Read more about this here.

We are aware some of you are still waiting for a bug fix on some store items not unlocking in the Store. We've attempted to patch this fix but this only helped some of you. We've realized that we needed to refactor and rewrite the code chunk that belongs to the store and fix this problem for once and all. Good news is we've already started this process and the fix is on the way. I'd like to add we much appreciate your patience regarding this matter.

See you on the next update!