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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dungeon Seeds!

ProDnD v 2.5.50 is finally out on Android devices and here's what's new:

  1. Added seed, load from seed and share seed functionalities. You can now share and load a special piece of text which holds the type and parameters of your generation.
  2. Fixed a bug where taking a print would crash the app. (This crash happened because the software gave an error when there was no background was assigned in the app.)
  3. Moved the load map options into a LOAD menu drop down.

Here's a gif demonstrating how the seeds work:

Seeds are essentially a piece of text that helps share generator and parameter settings. A seed will contain the type of generator you picked. In this example it retains the Cavern Generator as well as all the parameters set for this generator. You can share this bit of text with another friend or dm. If they load your seed phrase into their device they will see the same generator, same parameters and the same creation you got from these details.

We've heard quite a bit of complaint in the past from folks who were upset that their map didn't print and crashed their app. We found the source of this issue and fixed it on this update. It turns out there was a programming error. If you tried to print a map without a background it simply crashed the app. Our programmer patched it up and placed this fix in this release.

Hope you guys are having fun and creating amazing content using ProDnD.
Talk to you on the next update!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Vector Tools and Better Props are out!

At Gray Lake Studios the heat has been really roasting us hard lately but have no fear our vigilant  and hard-at-work programmer Eylul has done it again:

ProDnD v 2.5.49 is finally out and has the following:

1 - Newly added rectangle and circle drag brushes.

2 - Sortable props are now a thing.

3 - Yet another tool to help flood your dungeons: The bucket tool is here!

Soon we have even more exciting news coming up but I can't say much yet!