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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ProD&D 2.0 almost ready!

First of all, thanks for all the support. We appreciate all the reviews we have received so far, negative and positive alike. It gives us a good sense of direction and where to go next.

It has been several months since our last update, and we have been working on a bunch of things, given the small scale of our team it has been difficult, but we decided to iron out a bunch of issues and create a clean slate. 

What did we change?

  1. Faster: 50x50 maps are faster, we fixed a major rendering bug and now you can create up to 100x100 maps and browse with little bit of frame rate drop. 
  2. More maps: we have added a new map genre: castles.
  3. Backgrounds: you can now change the background of the map screen.
  4. Events: the biggest and most important update, you can drop tacks on the map, and edit their content.
  5. Lock map and Center Map: you can lock your map, or center on it with a button.
  6. New GUI: a new slick design for the user interface, which wasn't sausage friendly. Numbers are more visible, easier to manage, etc
What is upcoming

  1. More Maps: we will keep releasing more maps available for purchase in the dungeon store. 
  2. More Backgrounds: we will also release more backgrounds for different setups which you can purchase. 
  3. More Events: Currently events and note placing is pretty generic yet invaluable, we intend to flavor things up a bit by adding new models for tacks, and generating content.
  4. Generators: We will add smaller generators, such as treasure, monster, auto-events, name, etc.
  5. Mystery Box: We cannot really write it here, but hopefully will announce it when production starts.
  6. Even Faster: We will fix some identified errors in our generator, and make things faster, which we think will get all the way over 9000.

We are still trying new things with ProD&D, and we are not native app makers, so if you do not agree with something we did, or have input, criticism, ideas, please share them with us. Here's some bonus pictures for the viewing pleasure.

Have a nice day, 

Erhan Turel

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